Howdy folks.  My name is Tucker Winslow.  I am an avid hunter and have been a proud supporter of the hunting world for decades.  My favorite animal to hunt is turkeys.  Those little devils are so elusive sometimes it makes me crazy.  But that’s why I love it.  Its a challenge for sure and that’s what keeps me interested.

I have a great little family and we live in the Farmington, MO area.  My wife, Connie, is the love of my life and has bore me three beautiful children.  Taylor is 5 and is getting so big.  He’s in kindergarten this year and doing quite well.  Braxton, my 12 year old, is becoming quite the young man.  He’s a great kid and not bad with the rifle.  Look out turkeys!  And my youngest, June, is a mere 6 months old.  A little too young to join us on the hikes, but she’s great to come home to on a day in the woods.

So anyway, this website is intended to inform you all about hunting in the Midwest.  Look for exciting posts about my family and our hunting adventures.  If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to comment on my posts.  Happy hunting!

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