Disappointing Weekend



Took the boys out for a weekend of turkey hunting.  Braxton was feeling a bit under the weather, so we bundled him up good and fed him some cold medicine to help him out.  There was no way he wasn’t joining us.  He’s a trooper.  His brother Tucker, was bouncing off the walls Friday night and I’m pretty sure he was too excited to fall asleep, but he was up at the break of dawn with his daddy ready to rock.  We loaded up the jeep and gave our rifles a good cleaning before hitting the sack Friday night.

Before we knew it, Saturday morning was upon us.  It was a perfect morning for a hunt.  The sun was out and it was about 50 degrees at 6am.  The wife cooked us a great breakfast consisting of eggs, bacon, and a cinnamon roll to boot.  And not some little puny cinnamon roll.  This thing was the size of our heads.  So with our stomachs full and some thermoses full of coffee and hot chocolate, we headed for the wilderness of Farmington, Missouri.

I have a spot that I love deep in the woods by the old Miller family’s barn.  It’s really quiet back there, almost eery.  The sun hits the side of a hill and makes for a beautiful early morning turkey hunting spot.  Its extremely quiet back there and really easy to hear the turkeys coming and going.  So we set up camp.  We even got a little fire going to keep the boys warm while we began our day.  The boys have a tendency to wander from my spots, so I always have to make sure they don’t get out of ear shot.  Poor little Braxton had a pretty nasty cough and I couldn’t help but think that it might scare the turkeys away.

We were enjoying the beautiful morning, but we were three hours in and not a turkey in site.  Patience is a key in this “sport” and my boys are having trouble learning it.  They’re better than some of my friends children, but still, its hard for them to sit still for hours at a time.  Hell, I don’t blame them.  We did, however, see several deer while waiting on the turkeys.  Unfortunately, its not deer season and you could see the disappointment in my boys’ eyes.  Lunch time quickly approached and we ate our meal of left over fried chicken and baked beans from the night before.  Good stuff.

Needless to say, we weren’t getting a turkey that day.  The rest of the day kind of faded away.  I actually managed to fall asleep for an hour or so in my lawn chair at our camp site.  Braxton followed suit and took a nice little nap as well.  The temperature started to drop and I figured it would be best if we got the little guy home seeing that he had a pretty wicked cold.  Don’t want to make the little guy sicker.  So, we packed up camp and loaded up the jeep.  I went to start the jeep, and wouldn’t you know it…the battery was dead.  Luckily I have a buddy that runs a tow truck business so I gave him a ring.  As if it wasn’t lousy enough that we didn’t get a turkey, now we had to deal with the dead jeep.  Oh well.  Tony got his wrecker there within a few minutes and gave us a jump so we could get home.  Hopefully we have better turkey luck next week.

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