My Buddies New Store



Hey there folks.  Just wanted to let you know about my friend’s new store in Kingdom City, MO.  My buddy Mitch just opened a bait and tackle shop off of I-70 at the Kingdom City exit.  He’s been trying to get a loan to open his great new shop and finally St. Louis Business Loan came through for him.  We are pretty excited

He is going to have a full line of fishing and hunting gear available in the store.   He will also have a complete selection of bait including worms, crawfish, and any other little creature you can imagine putting on the end of a fishing hook.  The store will also be a full fledged convenience store with beer, soda, cigarettes, cigars, and snacks.

Be sure to stop by and say hello to Mitch and his wife as they enter the world of bait and tackle.  I am sure they will be successful and run a great business.  The name of the store will be Mitch’s Bait and Tackle…pretty creative.  I believe they will have their son, Brady, working there as well.  So quite the little family affair.  If you know anyone looking for a job, hit me up as they are looking for someone to work evenings and weekends.  See ya at the shop!

Also, if you need directions, write a response to this post and I’ll be sure to get you there.

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