What a Great Day to Hunt!



Yes sir folks, its that time of year again.  Time to dust off the hunting gear and head for the hills.  There’s no better feeling that that cool country air and the look of your breath on a cool fall morning.  This year, I will be documenting my adventures in the hills of Farmington, MO.  Our family has had land in Farmington for 65 years and let me tell ya folks…there’s turkey in them hills.  Haha.

Nowadays my boys like to accompany me on my hunting adventures.  And they are becoming quite the little hunters.  Taylor, my youngest, shot his first deer earlier this fall and the smiles and stories he has told his friends have made it all worth it.  Braxton, my oldest, was shut out during deer season, but is looking to make a comeback this turkey season.  He is getting pretty accurate with his rifle and I know it will only be a matter of time before he gets that first turkey!  Ain’t that right Braxton?

Alright fellas, I have to admit it.  The wife likes getting in on the action as well.  Last year, she shot an astounding FOUR turkeys.  She even shot the one we cooked up for Thanksgiving.  How’s that for a good wife.  Eat what she kills.  Gotta love it.  My wife just purchased a new jeep this year and she has it all decked out for hunting season.  She even got the windows tinted.  Ha.  Gotta hide from those turkeys!   It looks pretty badass.  I’m not gonna lie to ya.

So anyway,  I am looking forward to documenting all of our hunting exploits this fall.  I will be posting stories along with pictures to let you know how we are doing.  Maybe even a movie or two.  Can’t wait to get a shot of Braxton and his first turkey.  See ya soon!

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